Please Don’t Stop the Music-One Really Cool Invention

Please Don’t Stop the Music – One Really Cool InventionAnimusic photo 1

Have you ever wished you were an inventor?  Trick question. I know I never have.  However, when I saw the cool a– invention in the attached video link, I was ready to worship the ground that  this inventor walks on. I want to go to work for this company SO Bad. (believe me it is worth the 4:30 minutes of your time to view this video).

This piece was created by Animusic LLC which is based in Ithaca NY. The company invented imaginary virtual instruments by building computer graphic models of objects that appear to create the sound. They have produced a number of these pieces.

Wayne Lytle its founder began envisioning algorithms in 1982 to produce such things. .. Wouldn’t you love to have known this guy personally since 1982 ?  For that matter I’d love to meet him now!

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