35 by 13

December 31st, 2015

Madeira Island is 35 miles long and 13 miles wide.  I was recently speaking about Maine to Marco and Antonio.  Both of them want to come to the States. I was telling them that Boston was only 2 hours away. They laughed hysterically and said we could probably go from … Continue reading

Four Agreements

December 26th, 2015

Besides taking advantage of the beauty and peacefulness during my month on Madeira Island, I am spending time growing spiritually. One thing that has resonated with me is rediscovering Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements that he published in 1997. 1. Be Impeccable with Your Word. 2. Don’t take Anything Personally. 3. … Continue reading

Present Moment Contemplations

December 15th, 2015

The Virtues and Arrogance of Becoming Enlightened. Being enlightened does not give you the right to assume that you know if someone else is enlightened, or that  you know whether someone else gets “love” or is practicing present moment awareness. That kind of thinking is simply being judgemental. Let kindness be … Continue reading

Big Magic

December 14th, 2015

Yesterday I returned to Madeira Island. I am here from 12/10 – 01/11. The biggest reason I came was to experience the island’s New Year Eve celebration. More about that in another post. It is 6:58 am and I just finished listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book – Big Magic. … Continue reading

Cuba Today – Part ll

December 12th, 2015

Cuban Propaganda – I don’t think so. The Average Cuban person has few worries but also few opportunities to change their station in life. Socialism is tough but Cubans get free housing, free healthcare, and free education. Their biggest expense is food which is subsidized. Cuba has apparently some great … Continue reading