Pink Martini Concert

When you get a ‘you must go see’ concert recommendation from trusted musically knowledgeable friends – what is a hard core Boomer to do? YOU GO.

That’s how I found myself at the Kravis Center on January 21st at the Pink Martini Concert. They were great. The guy sitting next to me asked me if I was a big fan of theirs. I told him before yesterday I had never heard of them! He thought that was pretty funny. In fact we hit it off so well, I am meeting him for dinner next Tuesday. Yes he is a boomer.

I absolutely loved them! I can truly say they are probably the best musicians I have ever heard in concert.  I felt the same way I often do when I am meditating except  latin like, jazzy music was playing.

Pink Martini is a group of 10-12 musicians from Portland Oregon.  Thomas Lauderdale the band leader formed the group in 1994. They perform a multilingual repertoire drawing upon some of the most famous music from countries all across the globe – a lot of the music dates back to the 1960’s.

You can support them directly by purchasing their music at their online store @

If you want to learn more about them or see if they will be performing any time soon anywhere near you go to their website (


4 thoughts on “Pink Martini Concert

  1. Pink Martini, Ohhh I am so jealous. Madonna wasn’t/isn’t on my bucket list but I’ve followed Pink Martini for years. Agree, wonderful music. Susan

  2. Hi Pat,
    It’s Gary the “guy next to you at Pink Martini”!! They were great, meeting you was great, but I missed China Forbes -lead singer.

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