Okay Glass – You Are Getting Wild!

Each month, Google introduces new features to enhance Glass. Here are two new ones released today and a new App that just came out called Glashion.  The Glashion app is definitely ”Mind blowing”.


Glass now has a whole new way to tell stories through pictures. You can capture both a photo and whatever was on your display in that moment. All you need to do is tap and select “Make vignette” after you take a picture.

Here’s an example of one Glass Explorer taking a photo as he bike rides and gets directions from Glass at the same time as to where he is going. See directions in the upper right photo taken by Glass.






Sound Search

This does exactly what it says. You’re wearing Glass (obvious), you hear a song you like and you want to know what it is. The sound search “listens” to whatever song you listen to and returns Title and Artist info. You press on the touchpad, swipe forward and bam (there it is). Alternatively, you can long press on the touchpad and simply ask “What song is this?”  The following 2 screen are what you see on Glass.

Listening for Cheek to Cheek


 GlashionGlashion provides a way for Google Glass wearers and users to buy fashion items that they spot on the go.

Here’s how it works. Via the app, Glashion allows you to snap a photo of a fashion item you see on a bypasser or in a store, and then the app queries www.shopstyles.com for similar matches. You simply tell Glass when you see a product, “Ok glass, I want this!” and you’ll be matched.

The app will show you similar products (or the same one if it can find it), and you either tap to buy or swipe to see more products. If you tap, Glashion will send you an email with the link to the product on the retail site for purchase. You can also use the app to find a store nearby your location that has the product or similar items.

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