Okay Glass – Take A Picture….

When the Glass home screen comes on – you see the current time and the words, “Okay Glass.” At this early stage in the beta test mode, the most used command by all the Explorers and the curious minded people who try them on is – “Okay Glass Take A Picture.” The other options from this home screen are record a video, get directions, send a message, make a call, make a video call and as you might expect Google anything you want.

Using the voice command to take pictures hands-free takes some getting use to doing. You just look at things normally. Your tendency however is to lower your head thinking you need to compensate for Glass being above your eye.

For people putting Glass on for the first time, it’s fun to see their faces light up when Glass obeys their commands.

So how do people respond when you are wearing Glass? Here are some looks I captured by accident while taking other photos.

Joanne and Katre and Linda An example of the looks I get with GlassThe look at the fire works

Glass does best in capturing wide-angle landscapes. Here’s some of mine so far.   Farm photo 1  Lucinda's deckSturbridgewide angle at museum

5908068102363942114Yarmouth Clam Festival

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