Net Neutrality – Why Monitor ?

Net Neutrality rules are designed to ensure equal access to content on the internet. Consumers can go where they want, when they want. These Open Internet rules went into effect in June 12, 2015. They are ensuring consumers and businesses have access to a fast, fair, and open Internet.

In January, Trump picked Ajit Pai to lead the Federal Communications Commission. Mr. Pai, in his first few weeks in this role, aggressively moved to roll back consumer protection regulations created during the Obama presidency. Mr. Pai is a former lawyer for Verizon.

He stopped nine companies from providing discounted high-speed internet service to low-income individuals. He withdrew an effort to keep prison phone rates down, and he scrapped a proposal to break open the cable box market.

Mr. Pai has already released about a dozen actions many buried in the agency’s website and not publicly announced. Consumer advocacy groups are telling us that Mr. Pai’s message is clear – The FCC, which is an independent agency, will mirror Trump’s paranoid and ‘news censoring’ views.

This issue merits close attention by all USA citizens in 2017. OMG – it is only February.


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