Local Politics = Teamwork.


On 2/22/17, The Portland Maine City Council voted unanimously to protect the view from a historic park on Munjoy Hill from being blocked by a proposed condominium project. Here are two photos of sunset from the park, which is at the top of my street.

How lucky am I.


This was doubly joyous for me since it was my first real foray into observing local politics at its best. I applaud the Munjoy Hill residents and neighbors of mine who worked on this project for over 6 months. One of my friends, Carolyn Young, the president of Friends of Fort Sumner Park, led this effort. City Councilor, Belina Ray sponsored the building moratorium and shepherded the new rules through the planning process and the city’s planning committee.

The 1.25 acre park was once the site of an earth and timber fort built in 1794 to defend Portland Harbor and the Back Cove area of Portland. It was designated a city park in 1934.


I definitely had tears in my eyes listening to current and past Munjoy Hill residents talk about growing-up and watching the incredible sunsets here. Also, the park has been the site of many memorable events over the years as you might imagine.

The new height overlay zone that was passed will permanently prevent any new development from obstructing the panoramic view that the public can enjoy and share.


Becoming active in local politics maybe is cool and not boring! I stand corrected. Namaste. PP

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