Boomer Animal – Part II

Boomer Animal is a short story written for us at Boomer for Life by Jared Wright. This post is a follow-on to the Boomer Animal post of March 31st. If you have not read that yet please read it now before you read this one. Next week you will hear about how James is doing as the animal he has chosen to be. That will be followed a week later by Jame’s experience in coming out of his coma.


 About the Author…… Jared lives in Oregon with his fiance and two cats. He studies English and American History at Oregon State University and is currently working on his first novel.


What animal would he want to be? The hardest question James had ever been asked. He thought big at first, an elephant on the African savannah. However, the life of a pachyderm would play out too slowly to ever be enjoyable within two months. In fact, all lives lived out in the savannah seemed too dangerous. What if he died and could not return to his body?

“You’d just have to wait in the darkness for two months,” the Boomer Angel said. James had almost forgotten about the angel’s telepathic tendencies.

His thoughts turned to the bison of Yellow Stone Park. Something extremely patriotic radiated from the idea. But how can the life of a bison be exciting? He yearned for excitement, something to put his comatose state to shame.

What about New England? He had lived there all his life, but never truly thought about the wildlife. What animal lived in New England which was above danger? Deer lacked a calm life, always jumping, always fleeing. Coyotes reeked cruelty and violence, something he did not want to deal with for two months.

What about a bobcat? They were under protection in New Hampshire and seemed reasonably higher up on the food chain. He could return to Meredith and investigate the happenings of his old hometown. It seemed right—perfect, in a way.

“Bobcat,” asked the angel.

Yeah, in Meredith, New Hampshire, James said in his head.

“Specific, but it can be done,” The angel placed a warm hand on his shoulder. Something began to happen. He eyes slowly began to close. The hospital faded away.

An unknown amount of time passed before he opened his eyes again. When he did, the snow covered forest ran before him—a blank canvas. He felts his paws underneath his body. He began to run faster than he ever imagined possible.

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