A Long Walk – What was I Thinking?

Listen to this one – talk about an Inspiring Boomer… Paul Salopek has decided to go for a 7 year walk.  This 51 year old, two time Pulitzer Prize winner, has set out on a walking journey following a route that is based on the migration out of Africa by humans about 50-70,000 years ago.

As a foreign correspondent in the past, he has jetted around places all over the globe where he flew into stories and/or drove into them. He has decided to walk this route now because he wants to understand the connective tissue between the people who inhabit this route in 2013. He feels that you can’t get the real story unless you walk in their shoes so to speak. To learn more about this very inspiring Boomer and what he is doing go to this link at the NPR website. www.npr.org/2013/01/10/168961210/what-do-you-pack-for-a-seven-year-trip

What this story has inspired me to fantasize about is what might be a ‘mind  candy’ 65 day walking journey for me to celebrate my 65th birthday?  Maybe somehow directly experiencing my Portuguese ancestry?  Does anyone want to come along?

Please take a minute and tell us about a Fantasy Walking trip of your own  – Where would you go? For how long?  What would like you like to learn or experience?

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