Traveling Alone Gets a Bad Rap!

Okay Boomers as we age, we all are likely to face the chance of either traveling alone or not traveling at all. Oh boo hoo – whoa is me.

I’m here to tell you- I love traveling alone. It is such a freeing experience. image

Thoughts often get in the way of living in the present moment. It is difficult to observe and absorb the right now when you are thinking. Your mind tends to wander elsewhere. Being alone often makes it easier for me to attend to the present moment. Getting out of my day to day environment, I find it much easier to go with the flow.

When I came to Madeira this time, I worried a bit about feeling safe being right smack dab in the heart of the city. Okay ‘true self’ my everyday self still needs help with getting over the concept of ‘worrying’ about things – which has nothing to do with being by myself.

I’ve just gone through an incredibly busy and tumultuous few months, all things that I orchestrated in owning my own story. No regrets, no worries there – it was really something I needed to do. My intention and attention for the last 6 weeks of 2015 was to be focused on shaping up my body and nourishing my spiritual being. Traveling alone has been the perfect setting for both of these.


Hemingway’s typewriter in Cuba


I do what I want when I want. For me, that includes sleeping more than usual, meditating a lot longer (I am already in the practice of meditating pretty much daily), writing which is a favored way for me to be creative. I have stuck pretty well also with either a 1 hour brisk walk or 45 minutes at the gym each day. I love feeling like a local in working out at an in town gym.

So, whatever your intention and attention might be, get GOING and put together your ideal self absorption destination.

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