Tomorrow’s My 65th – Nanananana

Communion Picture 2Background info. I was told this week that I was being too serious with my blog posts by someone who has known me since I was 15 yr. old.

Current moment connection. I have not been exercising lately, so I decided tonight that I would take a walk in my neighborhood. All of a sudden ‘party on down spontaneity’ took hold of me. I got on my route and found myself cranking up the tunes really loud in my ears of a Marvin Gaye album.

Right then and there I decided four things 1) Maybe she was right – I had been too serious lately.  So I decided to start celebrating my 65th birthday one night early by getting ‘high’ by myself when I got back from my walk and then writing a block post tonight one day before the big birthday.

2) I thought OMG I could send out a special message to my subscribers and use them (I mean that message) to forward to and shame a big slug of friends into coming to the blog who do not usually do that.

3) This birthday of mine, that I know I will be celebrating for the next year, should yield a lot of blog posts about having fun. I thought I can lighten up the blog atmosphere for a year with them  and work less hard at it content wise. (More time for promoting always the entrepreneur).

4) My first communion picture was a perfect  tie-in into the ‘story of the day’ on the eve of my birthday -The New Pope.

Pope St. Francis  I – this first communion photo is in your honor.

So, back to me. I will be celebrating with certain of the conclave sectors throughout the year. With my group of friends known as the BermudaChelsea group (several pictured here) it was declared by Maureen (a member noone would question) that 2013 is the Year of the Pat. I was told by Maureen that she has the power to do this. I had missed the Year of the Maureen  (because we had lost touch for a little bit) but she would not hold that against me. Maureen gave me two examples of what that means. So she said that if I say – ” Heh I want you all to come to Portland this weekend” – they have to have a damn solid excuse if they do not show up. Secondly, if we are together for any reason and a subject comes up like “hey let’s get some takeout” then whatever kind I want rules.

What You Can Expect

If you are a family connection to me now or a close friend then watch out – you might just be getting involved. And, any new friends along the way are not exempt.

Speaking to the McCarty clan – yo we need a proper family celebration for PPinto 2.0 working on permanently becoming PPinto 4.0. Who’s going to take charge?

Sometime I expect you’ll be hearing about more fun in West Palm Beach.  With Gary and Gertrude and maybe Harpo & Maureen – if I can get a flight that works for me under $800 anytime soon.

I’ll be celebrating in Rockport Ma and Hyannis Ma. I’ll be going on an incredible adventure in Utah. I’ll be going to a very special concert. I’ll be meditating with Deepak Chopra. I’ll be spending time on a very missed experience and favorite time of mine – that of being on a sailboat.

Sometimes I will just be having fun being an entrepreneur…  I really enjoy spending time with that part of me.  Sorry, not a big blog post topic though.

Starting from day one of year 65 – I intend to enjoy every one of those 365 days. Some of those days will turn into some sort of blog post. OMG I seem to be getting serious again.

Back to my first communion – it was held at Lady of Lourdes church and the congregation was 98% Portuguese from the Weir section of town.

I  was named Patricia I was told because I my mother’s expected delivery date was around March 17th. However I am not sure I buy that. If I had been a boy I probably would have been named Joseph, or Manuel not Patrick! I am 100% Portuguese as far back as I know from an ancestry perspective.

FYI – a little insider information –  the world-wide  Portuguese population was really rooting for the Brazilian Cardinal. Oh well. At least the Pope speaks Spanish as well as Latin. Somewhat close  to our mother Portuguese tongue.

28 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s My 65th – Nanananana

  1. Let me be the first to wish you a happy birthday. It’s going to be tons of fun celebrating this year with you. That is if I can keep up! Utah look out!

  2. Happy birthday Aunt Pat,

    Glad to see you are really striving to have a great time. Hope to talk/see you soon in this “Year of the Pat”

    Love, Jared

    • Oh you are so sweet. Hey everybody – this is my Great Nephew!

      Can you believe I have one (I actually have several of them) at such a young age. That’s because my sisters are so much older then me.

  3. Hey Pat!!! Great blog!! I had many chuckles!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a wonderful 65th!! We hope to see you soon!! ♥♥♥

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day. Put falmouth on your itinerary for your world tour in the year of the Pat. We would love to see you.

  5. Happy Birthday Pat!
    I just had the big 60 on 3-10 so I am right behind you. Enjoy every day of your big year!

    • Diane – your comment totally made my day a happier one and it was a pretty awesome one already. Thank-you so much. Pat

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