The Night I Spent with Madonna

As part of my Having Fun is a Priority goal, I became obsessed with the idea that I had to go to see Madonna on her current tour. A friend of mine suggested it but then chickened out herself in pulling the trigger.  Not me though – I could not let go. I searched several tour cities for tickets and ultimately decided to go to DC alone to see her.

Wow I felt empowered the minute I hit the buy a ticket online button.The day finally came. I boarded my plane and there it was again – I felt empowerment.  I was flying by myself to do something for myself and just ‘blow’ a wad of $$$.

For weeks before, I was so happy with myself for doing something so wild and crazy. Somewhere during this timeframe I realized there had been a real music void in my life for close to forty years. WTF. OMG.

Fast Forward to CONCERT NIGHT – I had a great seat and of course got there ½ hour early just to take it all in. What happened next ….. A DJ opened for her and played record squeaking music for 2 hours! Then a ½ hour break.  Madonna finally came on 2 ½ hours late and opened with several very violent numbers where she and several of her dancers shot each other with machine guns and every time they did that – a 30 screen back drop was splattered with blood. The concert production from there was pretty remarkable – the highlight for sure of the night. Madonna however only sang a few of her songs that got the crowd dancing and singing along with her.

When I told my friends what had happened – most of them said you must have been ready to tear your hair out BUT you know what I wasn’t. I realized it was all about me that night and my braveness in being wild and crazy just like Madonna and doing my own thing.

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