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If you hit the HOME button – it brings you to the latest posts regardless of topic. The buttons in the middle – Having Fun, etc. define a given Blog Category. If that interests you hit that category button to see all posts. This is a fun way to view those topics over the last 4 years.

Another great way to view the blog and get a view of my posts over the years is to go down to the bottom right hand-side – hit one of the year buttons and get a chronological view.

The rest of the buttons are pretty much self explanatory.

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The blog has also been made mobile friendly so you can access it that way without any problems.

Primary Blog Target Audience – Why that would be anyone that I can entice to join my inner circle of friends and fans. Come into my web. LOL.

And of course my fellow beloved Baby Boomers. Technically Baby Boomers are people born between the years of 1946-1964. However being a boomer to me and many others – is really a state of mind. Regardless of when you  were born, you be the judge if you are a boomer in mind or not.

I have many dreams – but this particular one involves you. This dream is to create a blog that will both entertain and educate my tribe of online followers as we journey into getting older and having a lot of fun doing so.  Eventually I hope that I will simply be the leader of a really cool online thing with some other crazy ass people.  I want to create “mind candy” – whatever the F that means.

This blog will focus on having fun, discovering new things about ourselves and maybe even shaping the life path for our generation and those behind and ahead of us.  Periodically I will ask you a few poll questions so you can help me shape the direction of the content and the way it is delivered.  I will also be recruiting guest bloggers along the way – so hands up when you are ready.

I hope you are or will become one of our regular blog readers and contributors by signing-up on the form at the end of the blog.