RESULTS – the Power to end Poverty!

RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed people dedicated to ending poverty. This advocacy support group started in the early 1980’s.

RESULTS create the public and political will to end poverty by empowering individuals to speak up for change. They support long-term solutions to poverty by advocating for government programs that address its root causes: lack of access to medical care and nutrition, education and opportunity to move up the economic ladder.

They have the technology, resources, and skills it takes to end poverty. What’s missing is the political will to make it happen. They identify the most effective ways to combat poverty and create actions for their volunteer activists to make things happen.

 RESULTS volunteers build relationships with elected officials and their staff, work with local media, and mobilize communities to fight poverty. I am so excited to be ALL IN with RESULTS!!!

Check them out at and then contact me to find out how I can get you rolling to work with them and helping to change the world!


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