Present Moment Contemplations

The Virtues and Arrogance of Becoming Enlightened.

Being enlightened does not give you the right to assume that you know if someone else is enlightened, or that  you know whether someone else gets “love” or is practicing present moment awareness. That kind of thinking is simply being judgemental. Let kindness be your guide. Please do not judge me or others my dear enlightened friends.

  • At times I buy into the concept that aging does have the benefit of making you wiser. After all – none of my friends and I ever thought about or talked about the virtues of being in the present moment before.

However, I now think it is less about aging then it is about the stage our world is currently in. I come to this conclusion when I get to experience being with someone who gets being in the present moment so well – and they are only in their 30’s. What I am talking about here is that you feel that you have 100% of that person’s total attention. Maybe this is the meaning of someone being an old soul.

  • Two things I don’t get yet or perhaps never will agree to accept about present moment awareness is: 1) Reminiscing is always a bad thing. You cannot simultaneously think about the past and live in the present moment. 2) Planning things is so not allowed if you are in the present moment.

 Conversely, I think that both 1 and 2 above can make your present moments even richer and/or more likely to expand the amount of times you are able to be in and experience joy, love, happiness, and your life’s purpose.

  • It really comes down to this: how positive or negative you are when you think about the past or plan your future. Feel and experience all the love of your past. Set intentions and focus your attention on Joyful Dreams in the future.


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