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Gertrude putting croppedIt was a week of fun in the sun for me in West Palm Beach.This is indeed my very dear 99 year old  friend -Gertrude Brown. This past Tuesday afternoon we played 9 holes of golf together. When I met her at the clubhouse she announced that she would be driving the cart. She said it was to our advantage because they let her drive wherever she wanted to go. Every one of her shots was straight down the fairway. At one point early-on she informed me of one rule I had kinda violated once she started to approach her ball I was not to talk to her until she had hit it and watched where it was going. Then if I wanted to get her opinion of what club to hit that was the time to do it.  We often hit 2 balls off the tee and picked to play off our best one.

Golf for Gertrude happened after she had gone to the dentist in the morning to have a crown put in, had her lunch, read the paper and then met me for a tee time of 2:33 pm. When we came in she had to rush off because she was then meeting a friend for dinner. 

Had dinner with my long-time friends – Harpo & Maureen. If you read my 65th Birthday post Mo & Harpothen you learned that Maureen is the friend of mine that declared 2013 is the Year of the Pat. What that means according to Mo is that within my special “Friends & Family Circle” they must acknowledge that if I seek their presence for a Fun Focused time they need to try to make their very best effort to be available to me. Mo is keeping her eye on my Maine connections to make sure they get the rules. 

snow croppedI also took part in a 2 day Nutrition Detox and Cleanse followed twice by dinners with my friend Gary. Kinda an oxymoron I guess. Then, and I am not kidding,  I came back to Maine to be greeted by this Snow Bank in my driveway! Yes Maine does follow the same calendar of everyone else in this country. This is April 13th.

For those of you who remain intrigued with my Google Glass Explorer opportunity – rumor mill has it that the non-developer Explorers (the ‘ordinary people’ and famous celebs) will be getting our Glass in early June. Meantime here’s a cool graphic that explains this mind-boggling technology.


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  1. You should have stayed in Florida and enjoyed the Sunday mixer at the Players Club and the Monday rain storms. Abandon the snow 🙂


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