NYC’s High Line

High Line 1 light fixedThe High Line is a 1.45 mile public park created on an elevated freight rail line that provides a literal bird’s eye view of the streets and sights in Manhattan’s West Side. It was founded in 1999 by community residents.  “Friends of the High Line” the non-profit conservancy now works with New York City’s  Parks and Recreation department to maintain it. Kudos to Mayor Bloomberg for all of his support to the project.



It is an awesome experience to visit it.


High Line 6



More than one-third of the High Line’s original rail tracks are featured in the park’s design.  Freight trains ran on the High Line beginning in 1934. Before the High Line opened in 1934,  10th Avenue was a congested street called ‘Death Avenue’ due to collisions between trains and pedestrians.


 Highline 7

When it first opened, freight trains rolled along these elevated tracks to deliver produce and dairy to the former Nabisco Baking Company’s upper-floor loading docks. In the 1990’s, the building was converted to Chelsea Market which is where, on the 8th Floor of this building, we had to go to pick-up Google Glass.

High Line 2 light fixed













A number of my fellow Google Glass Explorers had written about the High Line and suggested it as a must do step before and after getting Glass.

High Line 4 light fixed

The photos in this post give you an idea of the spectacular and unexpected sights you experience on this fabulous walk.

A must do for anyone when you are in NYC.

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