My Life As A Boomer – By Fred the Red Cat

Yes indeed I am a boomer. I am technically 67 years old in human years (12 ½ calendar yrs).

My Mom (the author of this blog) agreed to let me be it’s first guest blogger. I guilted her into it since she decided to leave me alone for 2 weeks. The guilt trip thing works really  well with most any boomer.

So Mom is off to Florida. She is doing two really cool things while she is there. She is going to an Art Deco weekend in Miami and then celebrating her 50th friendship yr. with her friend and de facto sister. I know she plans to blog about her fun in the sun.

While Mom was away I decided to do a little online research myself and lo and behold I found an article about my cat friend Holly. The NY Times made a big deal about her traveling 200 miles in Florida to make her way home. I told Holly her secret was safe with me. She called me constantly along the way asking me to talk her through Map Quest directions. Here’s the link to the article about Holly.

Hey Meow out to all you Boomer For Life readers. Please let me know if you have any blog post  requests for me over the next 2 weeks. Mom said  maybe I could write a second one if I get  any requests to do so.

Chow. Fred the Red Cat



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