January 2013

WPB tempIf you live anywhere in the Northern top third of our country, you can relate to this “boy was my timing great story.”  On January 16th, I decided to leave Maine and go to Florida for 2 weeks.

Look at these temperatures on January 25th.Falmouth temp









Plus, I spent some quality time with a good part of the Chelsea gang and Chicken Pie. The girl half of the Chelsea group is looking pretty cool on a couch at the Delano hotel.Miami girls shot

The Chelsea group (during this particular get together) included Harpo and Maureen, Barbara and Michael and John and Susan. No guy picture to show you (I must do better remembering to take pictures).

We all flew in from various places and met up for dinner one night in South beach. Pretty crazy – huh?  It took us about 30 seconds to pick-up where we last left off in some cases several years ago.

I just spent the last five days here in West Palm Beach with Chicken Pie (a nickname she got from her father) – AKA Janet.  Once again though I forgot to take any pictures of us. Janet and I were celebrating our 50th Friendship anniversary. We did about the same things we did fifty years ago – laughed hysterically, ate a lot, she slept a lot (I did not) and we talked about her family who became my own family when I moved in with them when I was fifteen.


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