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Last week I went on vacation – that’s why there were no blog posts. I dropped out and recharged. I lived my “having fun is a priority” mantra to its fullest. I was with two very special human beings. We flew into Las Vegas – yes it was crazy and wild. Then spent 3 blissful days at Red Mountain Resort in St. George Utah and one day at Zion National Park – I had to pitch myself several times while there – the beauty seemed like a dream. That was capped off by another night in Las Vegas and dinner at Bobby Flay’s restaurant – Mesa Grill. Yummy.

Need I say more … it’s true – pictures are worth a 1000 words.

IMG_1469 IMG_1435 IMG_1429 IMG_1485IMG_1455 IMG_1427 IMG_1418  L&L Retouched Vegas cropped

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