Google Glass

Did you hear about Google Glass this week?

googleglass Google announced that it would make its Google Glass beta test product available to a limited number of would be ‘Glass explorers’. To acquire a pair of Google Glasses and become an explorer you had to apply by February 28th by either tweeting (limit of 140 characters) why you should get them or by writing a 50 word post on Google Plus. I found out about it that day so I had to scramble to submit my application late that evening – between my only night of TV shows. An additional requirement was that you would pay $1500 for them and you had to fly to pick them up at a launch party in NYC or LA. Woo Hoo party down!

Before I tell you more about Google Glass, I’d like you to think about and answer this question:

 Up to this point, what technological invention created between 1946 to present time (aka Boomer years) has had the greatest impact in changing people’s day to day lives and why?

Please reply to this post with your answer. You could win a special prize.  

So back to Google Glass. It is a product that you wear like a regular pair of glasses that is a de facto computer. Here’s what you can do with them:

Say “take a picture” to take a picture.
Record what you see. Hands-free.
Even share what you see. Live.
Directions right in front of you.
Speak to send a message.                                                                                          Ask whatever’s on your mind.                                                                        Translate your voice into other languages.

For me personally, Google Glass has the potential to be a life changer if I am in fact chosen to be one of its Beta testers. Why?  — Because it would turn into quite a global adventure for me.

Here’s my 50 word or less submission:

“#ifihadglass I’d visit with and share my glass with 6-8 people turning 100 in 2013 across the globe and video them experiencing the glass and seeing the future. I’d contact them and ask them to describe the dreams that they want to experience with glass to pick the winners”.    

If I win, I will need to find someone to bank roll my videos but I think I could do that!

I was one of close to 500,000 entries but you never know – I can’t imagine anyone else had the same idea as mine. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. And yes, if I am picked to be a Google Glass Explorer, there will be lots of Google Glass inspired blog posts under the Having Fun category.        









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