Google Glass – I’m In!

googleglassBoomer transformation flash ……. I was invited to be part of the Google Glass Explorer program. How cool is that. I know nothing more – it was simply a post by Google with my entry saying they would be sending me a private message with more details in the coming weeks.  I have to go to NYC to pick it up at an event I guess… maybe in May?

If you don’t know what I am talking about please go and read my Goggle Glass post of March 4th here at Boomer for Life.

I am not sure exactly how many “I want to be an Explorer entries” Google received but their Glass Project site has close to ½ million followers. They invited 8000 people to join the Explorer program.

A few published articles talk about all the famous people invited to become Explorers  as well as I guess a ton of Technology industry people. And then, as one of these articles states, there are a few ordinary people – Woo-Hoo that’s me.  An Explorer community of about 4000 has sprung up on G-mail which I of course joined.

Here’s what I have learned so far from my research of Glass. The idea for Glass came to Sergey Brin  (one of the founders of Google) and his team from watching people always looking down at and interacting with their phones.  Google Glass frees up your hands, your eyes and your ears (you hear it directly through your cranium – nothing in your ears).

They say it is a way for you to use technology but be able to stay in the moment – whatever that might be for you. You turn it on by simply moving your head up, or touching the side of the device or speaking to it. It visually appears to you as a mirror like image just above your normal line of vision. Google Glass is a band you wear across the back of your head with a computer that is a few inches big attached to it that sits right out of your site of vision next to your right eye.  WILD AND CRAZY DON’T YOU THINK?

Not sure if my original idea will be right for Glass. My entry again was:

#ifihadglass I’d visit with and share my glass with 6-8 people turning 100 in 2013 across the globe and video them experiencing the glass and seeing the future. I’d contact them and ask them to describe the dreams that they want to experience with glass to pick the winners”.   As I learn more and after I actually get my Glass, I’ll need to decide whether Glass can work in this scenario. If yes I will look for sources of funding for the project. Maybe it gets turned into a documentary film. You are not required to execute what you said apparently – it was to see how creative you might be with it.

There are of course a myriad of things I might want to do with it. I can’t wait to start my exploration. Supposedly, Google Glass will become available to the general public sometime towards the end of this year or the beginning of next.

Being the entrepreneur and market strategist that I am – I will try to see if I can launch a business project with Google Glass taking advantage of this early marketplace entry position I will have.

Being the Boomer that I am I plan to go crazy having fun, sharing that fun with others and laughing a whole lot. I can’t wait to see what Google Glass can do for me to live my everyday life under the ‘Having Fun is a Priority’ mantra.

More soon about some of the applications I can perform with Google Glass and of course the Fun which will be had in NYC when I go to pick it up!

Any questions? Any thoughts and ideas for me to consider and experiment with once I get Glass?


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