Gertrude’s 100th Birthday – WooHoo!

Gertude looking at me with Glass on- croppedAs my invitation said, “All birthdays are good but this one is great!”

I was honored to be invited to the Newton Marriott hotel in Massachusetts for a sit down dinner, music and dancing to celebrate my dear friend Gertrude ” Trudy” Brown’s 100th Birthday.  I would guess there were somewhere between 100-150 people there. Lots of cousins and other relatives. This family definitely has been blessed with good genes.

When I walked into the party, I had my Google Glass own. This photo is of Trudy looking at me wondering what was on my head while I was saying “OK Glass take a picture”. She figured it out as I walked towards her though I guess since she said – “Oh give me those things.” “Let me try them on.”

Gertrude with Glass on


Too bad I was not able to use Glass to take this photo. It’s a little blurry.

Gertrude was happy to just put them on. I told her I would come and visit her when we could sit and spend some time and I would show her what Glass could do.

There was a cake with several candles on it and Trudy and one of her great granddaughters blew them out. Both of Trudy’s daughters made very touching speeches and then Trudy spoke and thanked eveyone for coming etc.

The music came on and guess who was on on the dance floor whooping it up.

Trudy dancing v2

So all you Boomers out there – I don’t want to hear that any of you are talking about feeling old. It’s finally OKAY to not act your age.Think about Trudy living in the moment each and every day. Party down.

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