Fellow Boomers – Do You Feel like You Are Maturing… In a Good Way That Is?

IMG_1467I’ve been contemplating what I  might write about in a blog post this week and I decided why not write about something I have been feeling a bit weird about lately.

OMG – I think I am becoming mature yet ‘adolescent’ like at the same time ! 


  • I am learning a ton about myself every day and finding love, joy and fun in a whole bunch of places.
  • I have become pretty low-key at times.
  • I have expanded upon my ability to make people laugh pretty darn hard at times.
  • In the past year, I learned respect from a 15-year-old.
  •  I learned what it means to have a very busy life from a 99-year-old.
  • I formed a new cherished friendship with a 20 something year old relative.
  • I have experienced the joy, love, and fun from forming and sharing live in an adolescent type way with a special friend.
  • I now strongly believe in synchrodestiny and embrace Deepak Chopra’s definition of it which is “SynchroDestiny is when you consciously manifest your destiny through intention using the phenomenon of synchronicity or meaningful correspondence or meaningful coincidence.”
  • 99% of the time now – I always see the glass at least 90% full.  However, I have cringed a few times when someone has mistaken me for someone’s mother.
  • I am beginning to feel like I understand my purpose in life at least for the next decade or so.
  • In the past year, I have directly connected with my Spirit a few meaningful times.

Okay BOOMER FOR LIFE FOLLOWERS – I JUST POURED MY HEART OUT. Do you have anything to say?  Don’t leave me dangling here.. at the very least tell me how you think I am becoming a weirdo if you are not willing to share something personal that makes you feel like you are maturing and/or becoming more adolescent like as well.


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