Cool the Planet. Feed the World.

Cool the Planet. Feed the World. – is the tagline for an organization called Regeneration International.

I am fascinating by the fact that some biologists/scientists have figured out that an ideal solution for solving one aspect of our climate change problems is to remove carbon from the air (Pollution) and put it back into the earth or soil. AND, this would also result in improving the soil and making it way better for growing more and better food. win/win.

This new thinking called Regenerative Agriculture is leading to some very cool projects being led by farsighted scientists and innovative farmers from Australia to Minnesota to Morocco.

Regeneration International, a project of the Organic Consumers Association, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to building a global network of farmers, scientists, businesses, activists, educators, journalists, governments and consumers who will promote and put into practice regenerative agriculture and land-use practices that: provide abundant, nutritious food; revive local economies; rebuild soil fertility and biodiversity; and restore climate stability by returning carbon to the soil, through the natural process of photosynthesis.

To learn more about their organization and their work go to:


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