International Women’s Day

March 21st, 2017

IWD falls on March 8th and this year it was extra special for many reasons. Many national events dovetailed on the Women’s March in January. In Pat’s little world, it was so cool because I got to be part of a $3 million match day on the Kiva Website. It … Continue reading

Lobstermen and Blueberry Farmers

September 11th, 2013

What do these two seemingly unrelated groups have in common?  Very fortunately and personally for me, they represent a group of 162 people that I had the privilege of helping to create business and career plans with for 2 ½ years from April 2011 –August 2013.  For many reasons, this … Continue reading

An essay by deepak chopra

August 17th, 2013

Here’s an essay published by Deepak that is relevant to the Sages & Scientists Symposium and the discussions that will take place there this coming weekend. As you know if you read my recent post about Deepak – I just spent 10.5 hours listening to Deepak speak at a discussion event … Continue reading

Inspiring Graduation

June 23rd, 2013

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a graduation ceremony where I have to believe there was not a dry eye in the house.  I can tell you this… I cried through the whole thing.  Seven inspiring, special young people graduated from Strive University. This is a two-year post secondary … Continue reading

PPinto Fun Update

May 4th, 2013

It was a week of fun in the sun for me in West Palm Beach.This is indeed my very dear 99 year old  friend -Gertrude Brown. This past Tuesday afternoon we played 9 holes of golf together. When I met her at the clubhouse she announced that she would be driving the … Continue reading