A 94 Year Old Dreamer – Post 1

I am thrilled to announce that Boomer for Life has another guest blogger. Irv Senne is a 94 year old who has some really cool dreams and not only remembers them but has agreed to write about them and share them with us here at Boomer for Life. Each of the dreams he reports about will be presented in his own words – no editing has been done. You can expect to see at least three posts over the next few weeks. He wrote these down and shared them with his daughter over the past month or so.

What is amazing to me is that Irv can remember more details about his dreams than I think I ever have in my life!

Karen's dadIrv Senne  Irv was born in Long Island and served as an Air Force officer during WWII.  He is a graduate of Middlebury College and Carnegie-Melon University. He now lives in his home in Scarborough Maine. Most of Irv’s professional career, he was involved in the graphic arts, photography and printing business. In fact for many years he owned his own business called Pleasant Hill Press.

Irv now works as a home inspector.  Irv’s daughter is a friend of mine. I know you hear this from me constantly but how lucky am I!

Dream # 1: Cossack Horse Racing – I had a dream last night that I was in Russia, far above the Arctic Circle.  There were a bunch of men there wearing Cossack hats and long, nicely tailored coats, buttoned down the front, complimented by black, shiny boots.

There was a wide expanse of snow and ice as far as the eye could see, and they had dug two parallel trenches about 8 feet deep, in the shape of a large oval horse-racing track.   Only two horses would race at one time, no riders.  You could just barely see the tops of the horses’ heads, bobbing up and down as they raced around the track. After the race, one of the men took out from beneath his coat, a large bottle of Coca Cola.  I recognized it because of the distinctive shape of the bottle.  He grandly displayed it around, before feeding the contents to one of the horses.  I thought to myself, this seems to be some kind of a commercial.

 Dream #2: ‘Downeaster’ to Brunswick – I had a dream last night that I was trying to take a trip on the “Downeaster”  (Amtrak train) to Brunswick, and I was running late and couldn’t find my shoes.  There was a long rack of clothing in the station, and I began poking around to see if they were there.  I pulled back one bunch of coats, and there was a head of a pony sticking out.  I finally located two shoes, but they did not match, one was yellow and the other was red and they were sort of clog-like and had large bulbous toes.  But I put them on anyway, and got on the train.  I did not have time to buy a round trip ticket beforehand, so the conductor took cash, and handed me a small “Wheat-Thin” cracker and said: “Here, use this for your return trip.  I said: “Thank you”.

Dream # 3: Relatives & Chicken Pie  –I had a dream last night that some of my long-gone relatives, Uncle Walter and Aunt Bertha, and a few others that I could not identify, were having a discussion as to the merits of two different kinds of chicken pies.  Not much of a dream, but that’s all I remember, except at the end they all lined up in a row for a picture.

I’d love to hear from you Boomer for Life readers – do you remember your dreams in the same depth that Irv does?

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